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Top 12 most popular tools for Log Management

Nowadays, most organizations keep their application logs. These logs have crucial data about the user, traffic, configuration, performance and security aspects of a distributed IT ecosystem. The granular monitoring and effective log analysis can offer organizations opportunities to make continuous improvements and optimizations. With the modern tools for log analysis and management current available onContinue reading “Top 12 most popular tools for Log Management”

Serverless computing working to the fast product release cycle

So far, in this series on cloud computing for beginners, we’ve seen some of the main components, features and functionality present in cloud computing. One of them, called  server, is precisely what provides the functionality of programs and devices, called “clients”. It is thanks to servers that we can access services such as sharing dataContinue reading “Serverless computing working to the fast product release cycle”

Cloud Computing for Beginners: Database and Storage

In the first part of the series of posts on Cloud Computing for Beginners, we talked a little bit about the history, service models and use of the main platforms in the segment. In this second part, we will deepen into the characteristics of two another fundamental components of the cloud: the database and storage.Continue reading “Cloud Computing for Beginners: Database and Storage”

Cloud computing for beginners: service models and main uses

Until 23 years ago, talking about Cloud Computing was pure academic talk: in 1997, the distinguished Information System professor Ramnath Chellappa was the first one to come up with the term during one of his lectures. But, almost ten years have passed before, in 2006, Amazon – today’s largest Cloud Computing company in the worldContinue reading “Cloud computing for beginners: service models and main uses”

1P IAM-Role

You can see below our IAM-Role Policy for our agent and platform to help you manage your produtcs. This policy Allows: EC2 Provisioning, control and manage instances with TAG “1P”. Our agent doesn’t use Key pair. RDS, Elasticache, EC2, IAM, Cloudwatch and S3 in list and get requests types EKS Full Access (Optionally)

Introducing Elvenworks

Elvenworks is a software company created with a desire to improve Product and Engineering teams work experience. We’ll try to create several platforms that greatly simplify the work involved putting Products in Production. We believe we can achieve that through opinionated software and architectures that will allows us to automate most of the Release EngineeringContinue reading “Introducing Elvenworks”

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