Introducing Elvenworks

Elvenworks is a software company created with a desire to improve Product and Engineering teams work experience. We’ll try to create several platforms that greatly simplify the work involved putting Products in Production.

We believe we can achieve that through opinionated software and architectures that will allows us to automate most of the Release Engineering and SRE processes, while delivering a pleasant Developer Experience to our users.

There’s still a heavy load of manual configurations in most Digital Products today, reinventing the wheel and consuming large investments without any real value created for end users.

We want to work with awesome product and platform teams in order to understand how they solve their problems today and then learning how to provide the ultimate team experience. Are you ready? Let’s hop onboard! 🙂

Published by Bruno Pereira

Elvenworks Founder. Tech Entrepreneur with strong Tech and Product background, applying top notch Dev and Ops techniques to deliver solid business results. Passionate about creating value through technology.

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